Wiley’s version of the Truth sparks angry Dizzee Rascal reaction

In response to Wiley’s latest interview with TimeOut magazine, Dizzee Rascal speaks out in disagreement as he tweets “he’s tired of people trying to manipulate the truth”.

He makes it clear that he does not blame Wiley for what happened in Napa and believes the whole thing to be promotion for Culture Clash, which takes place this Friday with Wiley captaining the eskimo dance team.  

Dizzee also reminds everyone not to make him get ‘old school’ and to just let him be a “Pop Star”

Oh, and that thing with Wiley supporting Dizzee Rascal at Bedford Park festival, that we all got gassed about. Dizzee shut that down too.  

Hopefully things do get better as we leave you here with a pic of a more friendlier time with the happy, smiling pair.dizzee-wiley-5.14.2012

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