Why Infamousizak Needs To Be On Your Radar. Now.

Every so often you come across an upcoming artist and you instantly know, this person has all the tools to be a star in the industry. Someone that you know, absolutely has to blow some time soon.

This particular post is shining a light on Infamousizak, an up and coming artist from South London who is creating his own lane in the game as we speak and who I consider to be a major talent on the rise in the UK scene. He absolutely should be on your radar right now.

His music can be best described as a mixture of rap, trap and alternative R’n’B, it does sound different when comparing it to other sounds in the landscape. It sounds like him. It sounds like he isn’t trying desperately to conform to the sounds that are popular now, it appears that he is fixated on carving out his own niche through his music, music that speaks to the masses but still sounds authentic to him. It’s particularly interesting to me who through listening to a few of his songs, is reminded that the future of UK music is in good hands.

Here is one of his tunes – Public Enemy, which on first listen (and multiple listens), instantly sounds like a hit. Having already had radio play and being endorsed by Stormzy himself, I’m very sure you will hear a lot more of this song in the new year.

Here is another of his songs, titled ‘Awks’. A prolific rap display on an uptempo violin laden instrumental.

‘Homeowner’ shows a different side to him, his melodic style further highlighted on this smooth beat.

Looking further into Infamousizak and what has brought him to this point, it was mentioned by him in an interview with NME that he likes to takes charge in most aspects of his music, including mixing and mastering. It’s refreshing to hear about artists who are invested into all elements of the game, honing their craft and constantly striving to improve in many elements of the process. It’s very good to hear and lets us know he takes it all seriously, and also that he is ahead of many of his peers when it comes to the creative process of music.

His full project, entitled ‘Deep Nights’ can be heard on Spotify below. An easy and refreshing listen and definitely one of the best UK projects of 2019 that you might not have come across already.

He expresses a desire to make timeless music, indicating that his next body of work will have much greater scope than the above as he continues to elevate in his career. As a fan of music, that’s what I like to hear. He is in the game for the long haul and only wants fans to know his name for quality, which you have to appreciate.

I’m extremely interested to see where Infamousizak goes his in career, being currently perched on the cusp of stardom. He is similar to Octavian in that he has potential appeal in many different lanes, hence why I am sure that 2020 will undoubtedly see many more people discovering him, a growing audience awaits for him and he certainly deserves it. He definitely shows all the signs of being a force in the game for years to come, and a name that you should be checking for right now.


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