Who is Bryson Tiller?

KFC Step over! Kentucky got a new star: Bryson Tiller


Some famous People have hailed from the Land of Kentucky, we have the likes of the great boxer, Muhammed Ali, actors George Clooney and Johnny Depp and even country musician, Billy Ray Cyrus. Today we ask, is there room for another young Kentuckian star to take centre stage?

The more recent genre of mashed Hip hop/RnB is fast on the rise, with the help of young, budding, new artists. An array of talent is popping up all over the states, and in this post we put the scope on Bryson Tiller, the multi talented rapper singer straight out from Louisville Kentucky.

Much of the material we’ve heard from B Tiller have been in the form of covers, from artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug to name just a few.

Like Vine breakout star’ Bobby Shmurda, Bryson has managed to create himself a small buzz which has come from some of his tracks being mixed into Vine clips and YouTube videos, this has spread onto Twitter, showing once again the power of social media in acting as a platform into the global music market.

The Track “Don’t” has recieved very good reception from listeners. He again shows his ability to infuse his natural singing voice with a very current rap sound.


We can anticipate a new EP to be released by Tiller in 2015 by all indications. The buzz of this young talented star is constantly rising and we only come to expect more from the Louisville native.

In light of his musical talent, one criticism i’d make, is his sound is similar that of a “karaoke” OVO/Drake sound and he isn’t actually bringing anything new musically. Again much of his music collection out now is in the form of covers, which brings to mind if he actually can make it as a successful musical act.

What we are sure of is that any developments on this young artists career will come to you first at Spotlight First.

Let us know what you think below!

For more tracks and info on Bryson Tiller, you can check him out on his, Soundcloud and Twitter mentioned below.


Twitter @brysontiller

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