What Happens When You Make LEMONADE… #GRAMMYs

When life gives you lemons you make…

Well, you know how the phrase goes. Make the best of any situation you can. But does that mean you have to accept the situation? No, not at all. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s but I awoke to a lot of commotion on social media just as any other award show, with Beyonce much at the centre.

I am not a music tastemaker and to be honest, I do not have very strong feelings about whether or not Beyonce should have won album of the year (I didn’t listen to Adele’s album so I can’t judge). However, one thing I know is that Beyonce will go down as one of the greatest artists of ALL TIME irrespective of race, gender or genre.

Her oversight for her achievements is something I can’t articulate in words but what I will say is…

When life gives you lemons make LEMONADE. The LEMONADE you make is your own unique contribution to others and the world that can uplift and inspire. — Mr PIA

Why is this more triumphant to say now!?!? Because even if you don’t get the recognition you deserve immediately, there will always be someone that see’s and appreciates you. And that person will never forget it, and they might turn out to be great in their own right just like Adele. And in the grand scheme of things, surely there can’t be many more fulfilling feelings than that?

Take the lemons you are given and make LEMONADE with pure intent. It may be bitter in the short term but it will end up sweet…

Words by MrPIA

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