[WATCH]: Young Artz Brings His Unique Vibe With Visuals For ‘Jimmy Choo’

Young Artz is one artist that has been showcasing his quality for some time now.  As one of the most notable upcoming artists from up North to come out, he has been building his name up as a skilled writer and producer – this has brought him plaudits over the years such as being featured as a ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC 1xtra.

In 2021, Young Artz is looking to build momentum in a major way with the announcement of his new EP titled – Low On Sleep & High Of Dreams.  ‘Jimmy Choo‘ the latest single from  the EP and is a catchy anthem about life, celebrating success despite growing up hard, and not focusing on the people that weren’t there for the struggle – a story that I am sure many people will be able to relate to.

The energy in this song is something that you will be sure to recognize upon first listen and the general vibe of the song will definitely have you putting this song on repeat for days and weeks on end. Jimmy Choo is truly a song for many different occasions – the car, the party, and everything in between. Boasting 808s and pulsating drums which provide a platform for the melodies, hooks, and flows; this song is a highlight of what Artz has in store for us this year and beyond.

The production is notably by Young Artz himself, along with the talented Dreamz, and further illustrates the high-level skill set that Artz is bringing to the game in not just song-making, but artistry too.

The city spanning visuals heavily complement the song and emphasizes the cool, laid back, and smooth feel which echoes through the song itself. Jimmy Choo is definitely a feel-good song sonically for the ears as well as for the eyes with this video.

You can watch it and hear the full song here:

Young Artz is certainly one artist which I highly recommend that people look out for because of the unique feel he brings with his music and his desire to continuously improve which I’m sure will continue to put him on the radar of fans who will be sure to appreciate his artistry and versatility as a musician.

His upcoming EP, will be sure to showcase this artist’s wide skill set as an artist and also ensure that he separates himself from anyone in his lane. 2021 is shaping up to be the year of Artz.

Words by Tonte

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