[Watch] Rai-Elle – Mistaken (Music Video)

Introducing 19-year-old, South-London songstress Rai-Elle, who – after gracing us with her popular debut ‘KSB (Always On My Mind)’ and a number of infectious introductory singles in the past couple of years that have seen her garner support from Stormzy, 33,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and almost 80,000 Instagram followers – she now unveils her latest offering, entitled ‘Mistaken.’

Getting an exciting start in the pop music scene with an incredible run as an X-Factor contestant, Rae-Elle is gearing up to share an abundance of exquisite and expansive R&B offerings that display her range and versatility sonically. Not to forget her impressive growth and maturity as an artist.

‘This song expresses my expectations tolerance levels and knowing my worth’- Rai Elle

Mistaken, Rai’s first entry of the year, hears the songstresses immersive and buttery harmonies glaze over an ambient R&B production. Penning from a vulnerable and love-struck place, Rai’s lyrics sit sublimely against the instrumental; that is driven by the sparse booms and snaps of it’s rhythmic drum-line which lies beneath overarching synth movements, creating the atmospheric polish. Warmly welcoming the singer’s raw notes which become more rich and more passionate as she delves into her chaotic love escapade.

With a constant flow of new music on the way and an impressive and consistently growing fanbase, Rai-Elle is truly one to watch this year, with ‘Mistaken’ being only the first in a series of singles she’s ready to shake the UK pop scene with.


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