[Watch] Neilà – Red Moon [Music Video]

Neilà drops brand new video for ‘Red Moon’ single.

Red Moon speaks about losing yourself.  The feeling of uncertainty suffocating you like a noose self tied with doubt and fear. That fear is of never finding yourself again, aimlessly searching for the real and inner you.

Neilà says “I wrote Red Moon from this exact place. I felt myself slipping away, not recognising myself anymore and worse, I wasn’t happy with myself”

Why Red Moon ?

Red is a colour that represents strength, power and determination. A full moon represents clarity and growth.

Neilà states “When I speak of Red Moon, I am talking about the want to reach back into my strength, power and clarity, that I once had and long for”

The video was filmed at Providence Canyon Park in Georgia, known for its red clay sand. Shot and edited by Leel Wan.

‘Red Moon’ is off of Neilà’s EP ‘Venus’ which dropped earlier in the year and is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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