[Watch] Luna Byrd – Lie To Me

‘Lie To Me’ is NYC songstress Luna Byrd’s second single of which she was inspired to write whilst in the midst of a toxic relationship.

Luna speaks on the rollercoaster of emotions she felt whilst being in love with someone that she knew was no good for her. These conflicting emotions are displayed in the visuals for the single where Luna allows the viewer to take a closer look into her thoughts with you seeing and hearing the back and forth conversation she is having with herself.

Luna states “I wanted to write about that time because sometimes you aren’t the strong one, sometimes you have to learn how to be strong, and that experience made me stronger. I wanted to show the steps I had to take in order to get there because it isn’t always pretty. I hope this song resonates to people who are fighting for love, those that are currently happily in love, and those blinded by love”.

 Lie To Me is out now 
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