[WATCH]: Lemfreck Shows Why He Is One To Watch With New Song ‘Falling’

The UK urban scene has expanded greatly over the last several years – providing inspiration for fresh new talent to draw from and build on with their own unique sounds. From all over the UK, new upcoming artists are emerging and when it comes to ones that you should be looking out for, look no further than Welsh artist – Lemfreck.

Making a name for himself in his career thus far, Lemfreck was selected as one of the names on BBC’s One To Watch list for 2021 and he certainly shows all the intangible qualities to enable him to live up to his high potential. Being exciting. Creativity, with the talent to match. A layer of substance and authenticity that reflects the types of artists that he grew up listening to such as UK heavyweight Kano, and a love for the craft from which he drew inspiration from legendary musicians such as Prince and Stevie Wonder.    

Boasting a gritty sound laced with storytelling and lyricism at every turn, Lemfreck’s new release titled ‘Falling highlights this to the fullest. A song all about love and what it truly means to fall in it – embracing the roughness that comes with it, an unexpected rush of feelings, being honest and vulnerable, and letting people into your heart. The lyrics resonate throughout the song and are carried by a bumping instrument which adds to the mellow vibe of the track.

Produced by Lemfreck himself, Falling is a great introduction to the quality that he brings to the game in terms of artistry. A different change of pace from many other UK artists, Lemfreck shows that he dares to not be confined to any one box with his versatility. When you listen to his other music releases you quickly realize that he brings depth in the range of sounds which he is able to create and shows why Lemfreck has all the tools to be a prominent name in the scene for years to come. 

You can listen to the full song in the visualizer video below.


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