[Watch] La Swave – 10pm in South Woodford #SWAVE64s

After a short break, an ‘inspired’ La Swave is back with new energy, new focus and a brand new freestyle!

“Last few months have probs been the lowest for me. After my last video release felt mad disheartened and uninspired by the outreach. At this music felt like a chore to me and also my personal life was getting in the way of things. Record deals that were meant to be in the pipeline crumbled right before my eyes. Just felt as if I was chasing waterfalls and a non existent dream that possibly wasn’t for me. Been in and out of studio but nothing felt organic to me. Few months later, an idea is coming to reality. #SWAVE64s. Every month I’ll be dropping a freestyle. This series is allowing me to get back to the true essence of why I got into this in the first place. Because I enjoy it and because i’ll spin a couple man for bants 😅🤷🏾‍♂️ I haven’t felt this hungry to just work since when I first dropped 3 years ago. Where ever this music thing takes me, I’m just glad to be finally happy again making music and not stressing.”

Check out the music video for ’10PM In South Woodford’ where he raps about where and why he’s been missing.

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