[Watch] Jabz Daniels – ‘Magnum’

The East End Legend is back! Premiered at various events over the summer, Jabz Daniels has returned with a new song entitled ‘Magnum’. 
His previous release ‘Adore’ had him rapping, however this new track has him singing with simple flows and catchy melodies.
Sampled from the legendary song ‘StillDre’, producer MK has made it his own and transformed it into the current sound of the UK. Combining elements of Afrobeats and UK rap, Jabz Daniels has brought it home with ‘Magnum’.

DeVision capture the East End Legend in all his glory outside an East London Pub. With clean, fun vibes, the music video for ‘magnum’ gives the song clear visuals and an insight to what life is for Jabz Daniels.


Twitter/Instagram: JabzTheLad



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