[Watch Here] Haze – Thinking out loud (Short Film)

‘Thinking Out Loud,’ (The album and short film) shows Haze bringing visuals and music together to create a truly fascinating body of work.

Sit back relax and enjoy the short film directed by Sheridan De Myers and starring Haze.

Haze has proved he can take his artistry to a different dimension, by joining together a film, album and music video, showing what can be done when you think outside the box. We saw the first introduction to the project with music video ‘You Don’t Know Me’ produced by Edixion Beats, giving fans a taster into the themes of the album.

….and so the story begins. Based in London on a true story, the project represents the conflict of an artist torn between two worlds. The streets and his passion; aspiring to be a successful artist but having to do whatever it takes to support his dream & his family, which ultimately leads him to making the ultimatum decision.

Reflecting on the career of Haze, which dates back to his first official release of ‘Once Upon A Time In London’ along with a visual for ‘Bad Boys’ featuring SAS, he has always had a strong impact on the UK Hip-Hop culture. His courageous and boundary-pushing streak has been apparent from early, teaming up on ‘Breath Of Fresh Air’ with Harlem legend Max B and achieving support in New York as well as landing itself on Max’s B mixtapes. At a time when the distance between the UK & U.S was much greater than in recent years, Haze was also teaming up with Harry Fraud on various tracks, yet he never lost the loyalty for his home town as noted with the memorable and widely respected mixtape ‘Loyalty.Honor.Respect’ which featured various artists from G Frsh, Sway, Logic, Lowkey to DVS, Akala, J Spades and Ghetts.



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