[Watch] Emmanuel Speaks breaks boundaries with ‘The Composer’

 Spoken wordsmith ‘Emmanuel Speaks‘ proved his ability to create compelling visual narratives fuelled by music and poetry with his debut EP Russian Roulette, and he strikes again with his latest piece of work The Composer.

The visual breaks boundaries between short film and music video, whilst the track manipulates the dynamics of spoken word using potent 808’s and purposefully sinister overtones while maintaining the eloquence and passion you’d expect from his poetry.

The story kicks off with part one, where a young Cello player retraces his friendship with his best friend through memory, only to spiral out of control in the depths of denial and mental instability.

Watch: The Composer (Part one) Who Told You? Ft. TE Dness.

Look out for the concluding parts of Ola’s story in parts TWO and THREE, to be released via Emmanuel Speaks’ Youtube on the 20th and 27th of October, 2017 respectively.

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