[Watch] Aggy D – Blues [Music Video]

North London’s Aggy D releases new music video for ‘Blue’ single

The genre-blending, unique nature of this song is set to turn heads, with an addictive instrumental that could be imagined backing someone like Playboi Carti, but lyrics and flow that sound defiantly London, and an ongoing visual theme that matches the song title: ‘Blues’.

The song follows the metaphor “I can’t believe that I used to roll with Blues”, giving light to a rise from a previous negative mind-set, and a transition from Blue to Silver Rizlas. This sets the mood for the visuals and lyrics, playfully criticising other smokers “I swear the zoot tastes like fairy liquid…” as well as including many ambient, raw lyrics such as ‘I got…a thousand personas’ or ‘see them judging all the pigments’. Aggy attacks and exposes his demons whilst also being playful and cheeky, allowing the viewer to pick their side.


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