UnderTheSpotlight: VB (@StillCutDeep) – Pour Some More

‘Pour Some More’ invites you to join in on VB’s wave. The Zone 17 members style of rapping is very fresh and current. The tape noticeably has similar aesthetics to more seasoned artist A2, but manages to retain its own identity and offers something unique.

The artists gives the impression that he is an unapologetic student of the streets; and is at his best when sharing tales of his life on the roads and relationships of current and past. Moreover, the artist is able to give the listener an honest account of who he is and where he is coming from. We are able to understand what motivates his passions and get a clearer picture of the man behind the raps. We are aware of his love for his mother and his motivation to better the lives of his friends and family. Loyalty and glory are some of the recurrent themes on the tape. These values will be evident and relatable to those who are driven by the need to pursue their passions to better their lives, but more importantly that of those around them.

The artist was able to paint a poignant picture of the reality that is faced by a number of inner-city youths that grew up in housing estates all over the country. The honesty and harshness of the reality behind the artists raps is however told in a smooth and melodic manner; the content is raw and street, but the delivery is smooth and subtle.

It’s always refreshing when UK artists who originate from the streets are able to retain who they are in their music. But are however versatile in their approach and are able to tell their tales in a way that’s more subtle and less rigid. Since recently discovering his music, I was able to instantly appreciate VB’s sound and direction. I am excited to hear what’s coming next and see how the artist develops over the coming years.

Standout Tracks : One Order, PSM, Nothing More Ft Suelily

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