#UnderTheSpotlight: V A The Producer

It has been a while since we last spotlighted some new music on this here site.

We fix that by introducing to you, talented producer  by the name of ‘VA’ and his latest single, ‘She Said‘. A track which communicates drama and an allure is proficient at doing. ‘She Said‘ will definitely have you wanting more from this young producer.

Infusing his individuality and distinctive creativity ‘She Said‘ takes you on an inspiring journey of highs and lows, infusing drama and theatrics making his productions stand out from what you’re used to, leaving the listener anticipating where will take them next.

Born in London, now residing in Manchester, 22 year old producer VΛ is getting the internet in a stir with his productions. Having been eager to learn how to produce at 14, his mother gave him a keyboard which allowed him along with learning to play the piano in church, to begin his journey in music, enabling his compositions to take on a world of their own.

Being inspired by his surroundings, he finds beauty in nature and translates the images and feelings he gets from his environment into his music, which is seamless, unpretentious and enchanting. Captivated by simplicity, VΛ brings that into his production when creating something new, starting from the simplest of melodies and instruments and building in magnitude to something fascinating.

Now under management with TheGoodVibe working on collaborating with new and established artists, this producer is going from strength to strength demonstrating his signature sound.

VΛ’s pure, unfiltered talent and enchanting energy, has this year and his career set to be a remarkable one.

Want to hear more from VA? Check him out on Soundcloud and Twitter

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