#UnderTheSpotlight: Rejjie Snow- Dublin’s hidden gem


Much of the talent highlighted in the UK music industry is mainly concentrated in mainland UK, but here at Spotlight first we aimed to cover the whole scope of music across the UK and beyond and in this post we zoom in particularly on Ireland.

Today’s #UnderTheSpotlight artist is Rejjie Snow.

The up and coming hiphop artist haling from North Dublin, brings a rare and unique sound which blends his distinctive hometown accent and that of the more traditional American sound to create a totally new music experience. Many describe his sound to take elements of a jazzy back drop along with intricate word play. He’s been compared with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, MF DOOM and said to be somewhat similar to Waka Flocka.

Rejjie Snow stays loyal to his roots despite much of the US media misconceptions, often describing him as a British artist. With most of his fans residing in Ireland, Rejjie appreciates their loyalty and reciprocates it by waving the Irish flag proudly in his style, sound and lyrics. The American sounding aspect of Rejjie came about when he left the Irish shores to further his high school education and then enter the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. He developed his sound into some of what you hear today whilst in the states. He later dropped out of the college after the first semester and returned back to Ireland as he said the environment was more conducive artistically for him.

He is best known for his debut EP  ‘Rejovich’ where he compiles a compendium of different tracks which display his musical skill set. His next body of work is expected to be called ‘Dear Annie’ which will be produced under Rocket Music (Elton John’s label) which promises to serve up another slice of unique Irish hip hop sound. He is close friends with another young artist name King Krule, with both of them featuring on many freestyle tracks and videos together. They’ve in recent times both performed with each other.

Below is the video for  ‘Lost in Empathy’ off the EP ‘Rejovich’

There is also the Irish Hip hop artist; Lecs Luther, whom is surely one to keep an eye out for . He has been reported to make a return to the states in near future for reasons of increased exposure and network, a move which could further increase the fast rising Rejjie Snow movement.

Like what you’re hearing? Then check out the Rejovich EP (2013) which can be heard in its entirety via Snow’s sound cloud HERE!

For more from the kid and latest info about the upcoming Dear Annie project follow Snow at twitter.com/rejjiesnow

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