#UnderTheSpotlight: PBGR

It’s much easier to get your music out there now than ever before thanks to the internet and social media. With this comes a LOT more competition, sometimes making it harder for a lot of the better quality talent to get noticed amongst all the noise. Like most quality talent out there, with work and the right moves, the masses do eventually notice. If not at least SpotlightFirst do.

PBGR – Baba Crunch and Swarve Sutton, duo from East London, are great examples of slept on talent. I believe in time, people will see just how good these guys are. I’ve always talked about the importance of UK artists bringing something new and fresh to the game and PGBR are artists which seem to be doing that by bringing their uniquely different different energy and aura.

PBGR are extremely versatile with the ability to change styles and genres of their music on each record. From listening to their latest project  The Black Market’ (which you can download now), you can hear the variety of music they are able to make from fast tempo songs like Gas Pedal to chilled out tunes like MindURStep and SMW (my favourite song on The Black Market). They create a sound and feel that I have not heard from any other artist out there which I highly appreciate.

Their visuals also have a different vibe when compared to others in uk music scene. This  and their song making abilities is what is helping them stride in their own lane musically.

PBGR are a group creating super quality music that should be heard on the radio. They have managed to create a very potential mainstream sound of their own and it is for this reason why I have them as future stars in the making. Talent is talent and cream always rises to the top.

Words by @TalkWithTonte


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