#UnderTheSpotlight: Meet NYC’s Latest, Taro

Under The Spotlight is all about bringing the spotlight to those who deserve it but may not as of yet had their time to shine. That is exactly what we are doing this week with this edition of UnderTheSpotlight.


After only recently discovering Taro’s music, a few listens was enough to know that there is great deal of talent to be heard from this artist.

Don’t believe me? Watch & Listen to latest single First Born Son/Price of Love, which displays Taro’s high level lyricism and well executed delivery.

Apart from a few music videos on youtube, there isn’t much we can say on Taro, he doesn’t look like your typical rapper, but then again, that means nothing at all in today’s music. With only 123 followers on twitter as of this post, this is just the beginning of a musical journey for Taro, and we for one are excited for what’s to come from the artist in 2015

Taro is currently getting ready to release his first project titled First Born Son, on January 27.


 For more info, Follow on twitter @Taro_NYC and @Spotlightfirst


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