Tupac’s bullet stricken pendant goes on sale…

The late Tupac is still very much as relevant now as he was 20 years ago before his tragic death back in 1996. The “Me against the world” phenomenon still has fans worldwide playing his music and now idols can have a piece of him they never thought they could have.

Tupac’s pendant has gone on sale for a hefty price. The lucky buyer will be paying a colossal $125,000, but who would really want it? The pendant is Gold and full of Diamonds which is clearly a big selling point but here’s where the real history comes in.

The chain itself was worn by the legend when he was shot at back in 1994 at the Manhattan studios in Las Vegas. As a result of the shootings the pendant, which may have possibly saved his life then,was dented by a single bullet.

The pendant given to Gary Zimet, a LA based memorabilia dealer, by a family member of Pac has confirmed it is the exact chain worn by the late artist.

1016-tupac-pendant-crown-bullet-bent-momentsintime-4Movie scripts have also been put up for sale along with more memorabilia belonging to the ‘Dear mama’ rapper but where do we draw the line?

The shooting back in 1994 aroused suspicions towards Sean “Diddy” Combs and the also late Biggie Smalls. This death defying shoot out ignited one of the biggest feuds in music history and the divide between west coast and east coast rappers began. This led to the inevitable demise of both Tupac and notorious Biggie Smalls just two years later when they both died from gun shot wounds.

Pac’s estate haven’t denied the pendant is a fake nor have they confirmed its authenticity and have expressed that no one, not even Pacs family are allowed to sell his things without consent.

After Pac’s mother passed away earlier this year it makes us wonder who is now in the position to make decisions regarding the sale of his belongings. Earlier this month Tupac Shakur’s Prison Bible was also sold for just over $50,000.

What else will go on sale this year because it looks like they are officially clearing out all of his possessions. All we know is you can’t own an item without the funds to back it up.

Is selling this Pendant a step too far?

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