#UnderTheSpotlight: Tsu Surf



Have you ever listened to an artists music and the verse that stands out to you isn’t from the main artist, or even an artist you’ve ever heard of before?… You then find yourself wondering who that featured artist is and why you haven’t heard of them?… Fast forward a few weeks, you now somehow have their entire discography down to the latest leaks and features all in your playlist.

For me that’s one of the best ways to discover new artists. Some people listened to Eminem in his early days but some first got put on to Eminem after his famous renegade verse on what was supposed to be a Jay-Z song. The same thing happened with Chance The Rapper who was revealed to some via Childish Gambino’s Royalty mixtape, and a Solo Vic Mensah (After Kid’s these Days disbanded) on Cocoa Butter Kisses.  the time when I first heard Nipsey Hussle as a feature on a buzzing Drake song – ‘Killer’.

A more recent find is today’s UnderTheSpotlight artist, New jersey rapper Tsu Surf (A.K.A Tsunami Surf). I was first exposed to him when he featured on Joe Budden’s “A Loose Quarter” Mixtape on the track ‘Through my eyes’. It wasn’t a renegade like verse but it was definitely an enjoyable performance; a strong verse that showed a lot of promise. It was this one verse that inspired me downloading the mix tapes A New Mood and TsuMe’ in 2013. A decision i’m glad i made… hence this post.

It wasn’t too long after I discovered that Tsu Surf was actually a battle rapper first and a good one at that, with legendary battles under his name such as his battle with Big T (see below) and Hollow Da Don.


Tsu Surf is one of the few battle rappers that make good music.  A sick rapper, with punchlines, metaphors and all in tow, two strong mix tapes, a scene and a city behind him. We believe he has what it takes and can shine amongst the major rap stars of today.

Drop a comment and let us know what you think as we leave you with some of his more recent releases. You can also follow Tsu Surf on Twitter for more updates.

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