Tsu Surf, The Greatest Story Teller In Rap?


UnderTheSpotlight artist: Tsu Surf, takes us to a ‘House in Virginia’ (H.I.V) over a three part song where he tells the story of several characters living in New Jersey whose crazy lives interweaves up until an emotional and dramatic finish.

With a combined duration of 26mins, Tsu touches on many subjects such as hood fame, sex, loyalty, money, power, greed, AIDs, and violence. After taking it all in, could we have been listening to one of the greatest rap tale of Hip Hop today?

Pop was still plotting (“I’ma kill this nigga”)
Mekka still dotting
Joe got a question for Karen. a ring, a proposal and some… for you
And Kway was laying low (somebody telling)
Honestly I think the Feds know (somebody telling)
December stacking every penny for her and her bro to go
They had to go, they had to go, they had to go
And Joe ain’t care for nothing but the fam
It was their life on his last grams
Ready to ask Karen for her hand
She 9 months, he saved up. Fuck it he tryna be a man
Ok we all know that he been down, but he got up and he got right. I wish mama could see him now
Ready to queen her when he see her drop down
Repeated the words a million times he couldn’t wait to see her smile
Meanwhile,Pop was in the living room pacing (I’ma kill this nigga”)

In this quote taken from the beginning of the 3rd part of the house in Virginia series, Tsu continues where he left off detailing how the lives of the characters involved has escalated.

There are many great rappers past and present who can tell amazing stories such as Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Eminem and Joe Budden, but where does an indie artist like Tsu Surf stand in this group of elites?

Listen to House in Virginia 1-3 here and tell us what you think below.

House in Virginia 1

House in Virginia 2

House in Virginia 3

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