The #Spotlight is on Preacher Soul!

Being a music blogger, you get countless emails from rappers, singers and all in-between, claiming they are the next big thing and demanding to be heard. Being a music blogger for SpotlightFirst, it’s my job to actually go through every single one and shine a little spotlight on those that we feel deserve to be heard. With no further introduction needed, meet Preacher Soul.

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Hailing from South East London, Preacher Soul has finally released his highly anticipated debut solo project  ‘Southern Soul.’ Fresh from appearing on Ayar & Rageouz’s tape Authentape’, he is set to make an impact with his excellent EP.

The EP is seven tracks and will surefire leave a positive imprint in the music industry. With his jazzy voice complimented by crisp hip hop beats the EP is reminiscent of the neo-soul movement.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Erykah Badu and Joey Bada$$, Preacher Soul creates an EP that is sincere and soulful.  He sets himself apart from other artists with his distinct vocals and touching subject matter.

Preacher started out as a graphic designer who was a lover of music. But after appearing on ‘Authentape’ he joined the collective One50, known for their refreshing hip hop. Naturally he teams up with fellow members Ayar and Rageouz for tracks on the EP, such as Pearly Nights and Whats Happenin. The combination of their lyrical prowess accompanied by Preacher’s silky singing adds a brilliant dynamic to the tape.

DOWNLOAD ‘Southern Soul’ HERE

Twitter: @Preacher_soul


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