“The Grime Scene’s…” Premier League Edition – (Grime artists as Premier League Football Players)

The Grime scene and Football are two topics that dominate my timeline at any given time. So at Spotlight First with @Mr_Yemo, we have decided to join the two worlds together in our first edition of “Grime artists as Premier League Football Players…”.



Ghetto/Ghetts is the grime scene’s Mesut Ozil. This one we thought was quite obvious. Ozil is a player we all rate highly for what he has achieved in the past but undoubtedly he still has his fair share of critics. Mesut Ozil has performed well at Arsenal but many say it’s not of the Real Madrid’s Ozil standards to say the least. Some people think that he was better off at Real Madrid. Whilst this may make a valid argument it can also be argued that he is a better player now than he was at Real Madrid. At Madrid he finished only ten 90 minute games in three years, but now he is required to finish almost every game he plays at Arsenal. So physically he is a better player.

In a similar fashion as Ozil, Ghetts has earned his respect for what he has already done in the game; F Radio series, legendary radio sets and with mixtapes and albums like ‘Ghetto Gospel‘ and ‘Freedom of speech‘ no one can deny the talent he possesses. When Ghetto became Ghetts, he was able to produce a well balanced album like ‘Rebel with a cause‘, but some critics have not come to terms with the more artistic/soulful side of Ghetto, and believe he was better when spitting lyrics like “Dead him on sight…” and “flick my flick knife..”. Yet, his ability to spin the waviest grime riddims is still at its very best. Much like Ozil, Ghetts is more complete now than he’s ever been. His last mixtape, ‘Momentum 2’ illustrates this perfectly. No matter how many opinions both these artists divide, one thing can be agreed on, they are both well respected greats in their fields.



Wiley is the grime scene’s Steven Gerrard. Now this comparison was quite an unusual one, but after some heavy discussion we’ve found both characters have a lot in common. Wiley will always be a legend in the game and so will Steven Gerrard. Wiley brought something different to grime and introduced us to his ‘Eskimo sound’. His flow, bars and delivery were unrivaled and for years there was certainly no one close to Wiley.  He made bangers after bangers, produced some of the best beats & freestyles and could spin anyone in a clash (just ask Ghetto!).

Similarly, Steven Gerrard added a new dimension to the CM position. His ability and efficiency in going box to box was unseen of anywhere else. For 5 years he was the best CM in the world. Scoring goals and assisting, without shrinking his defensive duties was truly something amazing to watch. The way Wiley delivers number ones and Grime anthems whenever he wants to is similar to the way Steven Gerrard delivers match wining performances as he pleases. For example in the Champion league finals against AC Milan and Cup final against West Ham.

Although very successful in his own right, it could still be said that Wiley never really fully reached the ‘pinnacles of the music game’ like Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal have. This could be compared to Gerrard, having never won the Premiership. Another similar trait is loyalty. Despite his pop singles, no one has stayed more loyal to Grime than Wiley has. He has been heavily involved and invested in to the scene since the beginning. Roll Deep, is Wiley’s Liverpool.  The same way Gerrard carries and remains loyal to Liverpool all the way to end is the same as Wiley’s commitment and loyalty to his Roll Deep crew.



Stormzy is the grime scene’s Harry Kane. Another very easy one. In a short space of time Harry Kane has become England’s youngest best centre forward as the highest scoring english man in the premiere league this season. No one would have seen this coming 18 months ago, except maybe Kane himself. He seems to really have an appetite for the game, and is well composed. Already being labelled as the golden boy, Kane, is strong, has a great touch, and a great finisher.

I could have replaced Kane’s name with Stormzy and traded the football reference for grime and that last paragraph would have still made perfect sense. Within 18 months, Stormzy has gone from being a locally known south London rapper to being known as one of the most highly rated and promising artist in the grime scene. Stormzy is the grime scene golden boy. Having won his first MOBO last year, making no.3 on BBC’s Sound of 2015 list and selling out headline shows within minutes, it really does feel like Stormzy came out from nowhere!



Skepta is the grime scene’s Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney is England’s captain, possessing 101 England caps as well as the captaincy of club and country. Skepta, especially of recent, seems to be captaining the whole grime scene at the moment. Both are undeniably great talents and key players for there teams; Manchester United and Boy Better Know, respectively. Both possess raw talents. Rooney has been one to watch since the age of 17 and has gone on to dominate in his profession for the good side of 10 years plus and Skepta was able to smoothly and successfully transition from DJ/Producer to MC, find his way to the top and remain there for over 10 years. Both share a passion and  work rate like no other.  Rooney always shows love for his team. Just as no one can deny Rooney’s love for Manchester United and his team mates so can be said for Skepta, Boy Better Know and it’s team members.

As Rooney flirted with leaving Man United twice; first to go to Man city and then Chelsea so did Skepta, who almost, kinda left grime for a while to make mainstream songs (Rolex Sweep, Rescue Me etc.) but very quickly returned, to where they perform best.


So there you have it, SpotlightFirst’s first edition of Grime artists as… (Premier League Football Players). Let us know what you think of our picks and reasoning and drop your own in the comment section below!

Words by @ClubTolu & @Mr_Yemo

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