The BRITS: Stormzy, Politics, Prayers and Orange Lamborghini’s

First of all, I just want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Stormzy for winning Best Male and Best Album at lasts nights prestigious Brit Awards. Not only that but ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ just went platinum! EEYYYYY… 2, all thanks to you ❤️ — #GSAP (@Stormzy1) February 22, 2018 Last night, the music […]

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Is Drake a ‘Culture Vulture’ ?

Last year, Drake may have been just about ready to trade in his Canadian passport for a British one. In 2015 we saw him actively and publicly sharing his interest for the UK grime scene and it’s surrounding culture. From confessing his love for Lord Of The Mics to ‘Channel 4 Produced TV series Top Boy‘    and […]

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Why don’t we have more urban talk shows on UK mainstream radio?

  Listening to mainstream UK radio has always been a bit of a chore for me personally. I don’t mind turning on BBC 1Xtra from time to time when there’s a cypher or when there is something in particular I want to listen to, but for the most part, in 2015, it’s very much a chore […]

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JME intgrity

JME’s Integrity Album Represents Everything I Love About UK Music

2015 has been a great year for UK Music! It’s definitely felt like several prominent artists here have made noticeable steps to try and reach that next level musically and we can tangibly see the effects of it across the scene. This can be seen even in places that didn’t embrace UK sounds before such […]

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#UnderTheSpotlight – Mark Asari with new single ‘Up and Away’

There is so much musical talent out there in the world, some you may know of or live next door to and some you don’t or won’t ever know exists. You won’t find them all, but with #UnderTheSpotlight we will let you in on the ones you really, really, really need to pay attention to! Having notable […]

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#UnderTheSpotlight: Rejjie Snow- Dublin’s hidden gem

Much of the talent highlighted in the UK music industry is mainly concentrated in mainland UK, but here at Spotlight first we aimed to cover the whole scope of music across the UK and beyond and in this post we zoom in particularly on Ireland. Today’s #UnderTheSpotlight artist is Rejjie Snow. The up and coming […]

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drake yolo instagram

Meet the next big rapper from the UK…. Drake!

  A few years back Drake confessed to being a fan of the UK rap culture and listening to rappers such as Sneakbo and Ard Adz. Drake has had some sort of infatuation with the UK for the longest, coming up naming Craig David as one of his favourite artist and mentioning him and UK […]

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