Summer is here with Mark Asari’s ‘What I Know Now’


Frequent on our pages is SpotlightFirst favourite Mark Asari. Still enthralled by the success of his debut solo song ‘Up and Away’, Mark Asari is back to bring you his new track ‘What I Know Now’ from his upcoming EP. Listen below now as he brings you more good music vibes.

Echoing the positive vibe of Up and Away, ‘What I Know Now’ allows the listener to share a piece of Mark’s history and the difficulties he’s faced previous to his current success. Transporting you to a warm day in a place that you love, Mark beautifully reflects, taking you back to past times with the clarity he has gained from going through such experiences many can relate to.

Mark’s signature smooth, effortless vocals and positivity enable easy listening to any song he creates, all leaving the listener with a sense of ease, relief and a brighter more reflective outlook on life.


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