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[Stream/Download] Dámì Sule – ‘Rough Canvas’ LP

Manchester based poet and alternative Hip-hop artist Dámì releases debut LP Rough Canvas. The album is a follow up to his 2017 Crayons EP.

10 tracks full of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Take me in – Dámì Sule

Throughout Rough Canvas, there is almost no subject matter untouched by Dámì’s softly accented voice: love, social imbalance, racial prejudice, faith, ambition, false representations of the self, connection, disconnection, and the tireless search for freedom. His emotions are oftentimes raw and off-the-cuff, elsewhere he’s objective to the world, but everything is genuine. Dámì Sule is an honest voice in an era of post-truth and deception. In this project, this artist breaks the glass and speaks to the listener directly.

“The whole idea of Rough Canvas is about portraying everything perfect yet imperfect. It is about finding your flaws and making it a canvas for everything beautiful to be made. As an artist i want to be able to create a piece of work that shows man and woman alike that you can become whoever you want to be even in the worst circumstances. Rough Canvas is all in the name ‘rough’ to show the unfiltered, raw and often unappreciated struggles, thoughts and emotions of a young black boy.”


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