[Stream] Thelonious Rager – FOR THE GOLD…

Thelonious Rager hailing from Plaistow, East London releases debut EP, ‘FOR THE GOLD…’.

Recorded in Roundhouse Studios, taking inspiration from spoken word poets such as a Gil Scott Heron, American novelist James Baldwin and the honesty of a KiD CuDi. Thelonious Rager carves out a narrative throughout the project, with dark tones and revealing lyricism.

Thelonious blends spoken word and rap to flesh out the tale of the pursuit of happiness, du-ality, identity, fear, depression and aspiration with a sound described as being

“the soundtrack for a Tarantino movie that’ll never be made”.

“FOR THE GOLD…” is an alternative from the norm, while still dwelling in the landscape of his contemporaries.

STREAM “FOR THE GOLD…” now on all major streaming platforms http://hyperurl.co/3ow2mz

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