[Stream] Kajad – Zaire [Album]

Congo born and Philly raised Kajad releases his first project, ‘Zaire’. The debut album showcases what he calls “Bridging the gap”, merging both his Congo and Philadelphia influences, as he effortlessly goes from hip hop to afrobeat and back displaying great versatility and song writing ability.
“The inspiration behind the project came from a place of self realisation and being able to express my story musically in the best way possible. Transitioning from “Su Picasso” to going with my birth name as a brand made the music come out more organically. I wanted to create a theatrical experience for my listeners, so the project begins with Zaire (the country I was born) and it talks about coming from there to America and it takes you through a journey song by song describing experiences and expressing emotions then finally ends with “Dear Life” in which I get a bit more personal describing my love life, father-daughter relationship, as well as my childhood.”

Zaire is available to stream everywhere now: http://smarturl.it/kajadtv 
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