[Stream] Dante – IIX/13: The Prologue

Since accumulating over 7000 SoundCloud plays from the tracks ‘Blow Backs’, ‘Round We Go’ and ‘Breath of Life’. Dante announces his first solo project IIX/13: The Prologue.

On the 8th August 2014, Dante tragically lost one of his younger brothers to a brutal murder. Not so long after Dante found himself in a car crash where he damaged his knee giving him time to reflect on his own life. Learning to cope with the loss of his brother, Dante spiralled into a bout of depression and used music to channel his pain. Music became his therapy, a coping mechanism and helped him get through a traumatic time of his life.

Naming this project after the date of his brother’s death, (IIX for the 8th month and 13 for the day), ‘IIX/13: The Prologue’ is based on true life events/snapshots of Dante’s journey through love, passion and pain. Fusing his love of Hip-Hop and R&B, Dante explores through soulful expressions and catchy melodies.

IIX/13: The Prologue is a project that everyone can vibe to, that is current and speaks my truth


Twitter: DontBeDante

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