Stormzy Returns to his Primary School and is Grilled by Schoolkids

Stormzy has been everywhere in his album rollout tour for his latest project ‘Heavy Is The Head’, which is out on all streaming music platforms right now.

As one of the several public appearances he made during his promotional run, Stormzy set his path back to his old primary school in this instantly classic segment in collaboration with Noisey. In the segment he talked to the children there and answered several questions from the kids on many different topics, including questions that we (and he) never saw coming.

e.g. “How do you become a Wicked Skengman?”

He was even asked a question by one of the kids about his opinions of Boris Johnson, which he answered mentioning that Boris was a ‘very, very bad man’. This then got the attention of Piers Morgan who had something to say about it, leading to Stormzy expertly delivering the following clap back in response to him:

It’s Good To See Artists In Different Types Of Environments

It was a hugely entertaining ‘fish out of water’ type segment which kept Stormzy on his toes and got him out of his element. I really enjoyed the segment and thought it was great to see a known artist in an unfamiliar situation like a classroom answering questions from children. In the past there has been a tendency to put music artists in typical and at this point redundant settings such as the ‘(insert rapper/MC) explaining their song to a classical music expert’ scenario. For this reason it was great to see something a bit different and I would like to see more creative types of content like this featuring more artists from the scene, as it’s just really refreshing to watch.

You can watch the full video and see the segment below.

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