‘Spanish Blue’ is the new project from up and coming British artist, John Alone

If you’re a fan of soulful, slow-paced R&B in the vein of artists like Miguel, Summer Walker, SZA and Frank Ocean then John Alone’s Spanish Blue is not one to miss!

Following on from his last release, ‘Babel!’,  ‘Spanish Blue’ is the new project from up and coming British artist, John Alone. Featuring smooth and sultry vocals and world-class lyricism from the burgeoning singer, as well as top notch production from a variety of collaborators, including John himself, this project is as strong an argument as any that British alternative R&B is here to stay.

“Spanish Blue’  deconstructs the highs and lows of a romantic relationship, focusing on bitter, broken love juxtaposed by youth and carefree living”

For John, music is a private, almost spiritual pursuit, and a large portion of his creative process involves being hunched over tiny screens in dark rooms. He prides himself on being the primary creative force behind most of his releases, writing, mixing, mastering and occasionally producing almost every song he has ever released. For John, music is something he has had to pursue alone for most of his career, and his fierce, almost defiant need to be independent has led to the creation of some amazing music.

Spanish Blue is the John’s second full-length project.

It is about real life and the ugly parts of relationships that don’t get discussed on instagram anniversary posts. It’s about bitter arguments on Saturday and intimate love on Sunday, as well as everything in between. It is painful. Parts of it almost overwhelmingly so. But it’s real, and all of it happened in one way, shape or form

Listen to John Alone on our Dope Find’s playlist here. 

“Spanish Blue’  is out now.

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