[Review] Top Boy Soundtrack – What are the streets of London like?

The Top Boy soundtrack encapsulates the essence of the Top Boy series, a snapshot of the diverse and dangerous criminal underbelly of inner London. Complied with some of the UK’s best urban talent the tape withholds no punches…or punchlines. Whilst listening to this album I can honestly say there was no weak track on there. Far from a concept album; this Top Boy Soundtrack seems to exude individual freedom of several artists, painted on the canvas of these instrumentals, illustrating London life as they see it from their vantage point.

I get the distinct feeling that every artist approached this Soundtrack with their A game. Dave dazzled as usual, Nafe Smallz proved he is a big deal and Avelino skipped all over his track with ease. It was almost impossible to pick a favourite from this album and it surely didn’t disappoint. Many soundtracks can often fall victim to feeling disjointed with big disparities between tracks depending on features, with this album it felt cohesive across the board with no filler.

There was a great balance struck between the veterans of the scene such as Ghetts and Young Teflon coupled with the new generation, mirroring the dynamic between Jamie and Dushane in the Top Boy series. Those looking for deep nuance in an album need not listen, but those wanting an authentic album filled with back to back songs you can play in your car should look no further.

MR PIA’s Picks:

Dave – God’s Eye

Turning your dreams into reality that’s what actings for, making reality a dream thats what rap is for, I used to be Runnel I never had a score, we the show tell me what we need a Channel 4

Nafe Smallz – 8 Missed Calls

Told momma I ain’t getting no 9-5, and the traps still whilling, and I hit that strip about 90 times, still ducking them sirens

Avelino – Belly in the beast

Momma always told me make your brother stay close and I weren’t paid so all I want is Peso’s

Final Verdict: 8.6 / 10

Words by @MrPIAProgress

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