Problemz Gives Us That Old School Rap Feel With ‘Joshua’

Problemz latest tune – ‘Joshua’, is an absolutely prime example as to why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Watching the start of the video, you see Problemz with the mask on (a common staple from artists on tunes which we recognise under the drill genre) and you might expect to hear more of that typical drill sound.

This tune gives you no such sound.

Instead you hear a smooth banging instrumental that you could have heard on an early 2000s G Unit song, then you hear Problemz come on with what I can only describe as a modern old school feel. With confident and boastful raps, you feel his presence on the tune immediately with sharp punchlines and hard hitting lyrics from beginning to end. The smooth and distinctive flow throughout just instantly lets me know that this guy has all the tools to be a major problem in the scene going forward.

Combined with a catchy and easy sounding hook, it topped off a polished tune that to me, hit as hard as an Anthony Joshua jab. It was a refreshing tune to listen to and one that shows me that he is in a different lane to other rappers out now.

Problemz is definitely going to be one of the names that I know is going to have a great 2020. Hearing this tune made me immediately go to check out his other songs and after hearing this song, I’m sure you will do the same. It’s surprising to me that even now Problemz doesn’t have way more views on his music, but I know the masses will be flocking to him real soon.

Problemz is going to blow next year, make no doubts about that.

Watch the full video below.


Listen to ‘Joshua’ and more on the FIRE EMOJI playlist now.

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