[Part 2] Top Releases of 2014 so far (6-10)

We are half way through the year already and 2014 has seen some pretty dope releases. Instead of waiting till the new years for a ‘best of’ list. We decide to go through some of our favourite’s of the year so far. Here’s part two. Hit us up in the comments to let us know yours and discuss the list below.

6. Emilio Rojas – Zero Fucks Given – Volume 1 (May, 2014)


“167 baby I got the whole block with me! I’m where the poverty created an economy, everyone selling souls now the devil on a shopping spree” Emilio Rojas still as consistent as ever with fierce lyrics and sharp flows on some better selected beats.

7. Slaughterhouse – House Rules (May, 2014)


When you have, arguably four of the best lyricist in the game, coming together spitting over some minimalist beats by A-list producers. Nothing less than a lyrical onslaught is expected. This is exactly what you get with ‘House Rules’. A honest, cohesive effort from the house gang.

8. Mac Miller – Faces (May, 2014)


Mr Mac “did it all without a Drake feature” Miller, continues his deeper introspective musical journey  started on his  ‘Watching Movies with the light off’ album of last year. Theme and subject matter is much darker than earlier mix tapes, but it is as honest as ever. Productions is handled by miller himself who also does a good job on the boards.

9. Taylor Bennett – Mainstream Music (May, 2014)


Taylor’s music is confident, weird, loud, and fun. A more grittier version of older brother Chance The Rapper, voice and flow may sound similar at time’s, but the music is very different. Mainstream Music’s various sounds make it an exciting listen all the way through. One of the better releases of the year.

10. Alex Wiley – Village Party (June, 2014)


Another Chicago spitter, Alex Wiley is like a mix between SaveMoney’s Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa. It can’t be a good thing sounding like other artists, but thank’s to Alex Wiley’s own character, his choice of beats, multi-faceted voice, and versatile flow on Village Party, he makes his own sound shine through resulting in a surprisingly pleasant project that could provide him with his own lane all together.

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