NSG return with thought-provoking single titled ‘Colonization’

This song has been highly anticipated by the public, and with a strong track title such as ‘colonization’, it definitely gives the impression that it’s worth listening to. I appreciate how NSG never stray far from their Roots, reminding fans of their culture and where they come from at every turn. With the sextet giving us little snippets here and there, I was already hooked, and I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Alongside visuals co-directed by NSG member Kruddz himself, it just goes to show how multi-faceted these boys can be. With the opening scene being a full piece string orchestra, it bridges the gap between class and culture, and ultimately how access to such activities may be limited when coming from a low-income background. The video depicts a rocky life path with gang rivalry and similar themes, leaving Africa for the UK, and making ends meet to support parents.

Produced by the popular 4PLAY, it’s clear to see NSG have fully stepped into their own lane. The song itself is in typical NSG fashion – something catchy that you can do a little two-step to, and I look forward to hearing this at a day party in the near future!

Listen to Colonization here:

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