Neilá returns with brand new EP ‘What’s Your Sign?’

Neilá is back with her follow up EP to her last project Venus, which dropped July of 2019. This time we are being taken to a totally different solar system with her new EP “What’s Your Sign?”.

“What’s Your Sign?” which dropped September 7th 2020, brings you into an alternate world. Nostalgic yet other worldly, this new EP from Neilá shows her growth as an artist and alien. Live instrumentation, hypnotizing melodies and playful lyrics bring you closer to take off, landing you directly in the center of Neilá’s world. 

A world where SORRY’s aren’t needed, everything is so SWEET and all zodiac signs are welcomed.  “WHAT’S YOUR SIGN?” by Neilá is a trip that you will never forget, into a place of astrology and discovery. 

I guess the next question is, “WHAT’S YOUR SIGN?”

What’s Your Sign? is out now in all online digital stores.


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