Jay Z’s Launch Of Tidal: A Marketing & Branding Nightmare?

Recently, Jay Z launched a new music streaming platform which he called ‘Tidal’. This platform was launched along with several other major US artists such as Kanye West, Madonna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and more.

The reaction to the launch branding video was mixed to say the least. Many people shared their doubts about the platform as a worthy competitor to the beast that is Spotify and many people questioned the true incentives behind the business move.

Ultimately, Tidal looks like a quality platform in a technical sense but my issue is of the marketing campaign and overall branding of the project in general.

Jay Z thought it was necessary to take to Twitter, weeks after the launch video and initial launch period, to finally explain what Tidal is about and the goals for it.


Why was this done weeks later instead of at the initial launch video or even shortly after the launch video? It would have helped the reaction and perception of Tidal hugely…..if we actually knew what it was.

In this, there’s a great lesson to be learnt about Branding and Marketing – know your audience! Let them know the value that you’re offering them first hand. Be all about the consumers as much as the artists themselves if you really want them to pay money for your platform. Make your message, vision, goals and what the benefits of your products and services clear from the door.

I hope this whole situation can be a learning curve for Jay Z and everyone involved with Tidal. I want Tidal to succeed, but the marketing and branding leaves a lot to be desired. Time will tell all.

Words by @TonteBoDouglas

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