Meet the next big rapper from the UK…. Drake!



A few years back Drake confessed to being a fan of the UK rap culture and listening to rappers such as Sneakbo and Ard Adz. Drake has had some sort of infatuation with the UK for the longest, coming up naming Craig David as one of his favourite artist and mentioning him and UK Garage group Artful Dodger in his lyrics of earlier music. (See Closer)

The latest in the Drake/UK saga see’s him uploading onto instagram pictures of UK Rapper and Actor; Asher D, saluting the london tv series Top Boy captioning it with his own take of the london slang.


With Drake’s fascination around UK culture we decided to create our own version of what a UK drake album track list may look like:

Drake – British Invasion

1. Burberry Leather Flow (intro)

2. 5am in Bagel King ft. Wiley

3. Get it (Walahi)

4. Top Boy ft. Ghetts, Kano and Asher D

5. Banksy ft. Craig David and Majid Jordan

6. Days in Shoreditch

7. How you mean? ft. Sneakbo

8. Hope my ex don’t delete my number ft. Section Boyz

9. SE15 to my City

10. Young Money on my mind ft. Nines and Skrapz

11. Where’s my Anita? Ft. Timbo

12.  Grime 8Bar Special [Bonus Track] (Ft. Big Sean, Chip, Meek Mill, Fekky, P. Money, Tech Nine, Crooked I, Pusha T, Krept, Konan)

We think this project would definitely bang and if Drake is looking for a new A&R he can always call my phone.  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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