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[Listen] Tertia May – Monsters In Your Bedroom

Tertia May, a rising talent in the UK Jazz scene announces her debut EP ‘Kind Of Purple‘ and unveils the laidback blues-infused lead single ‘Monsters In Your Bedroom.’ A more confessional track than her recent single ‘White,’ it tackles her fathers existential troubles head first, approaching the subject in a refreshingly tender, at times even joyful way. The song even has a nostalgic feel to it which evokes the music that her father introduced Tertia to around the house they grew up in.
On ‘Monsters In Your Bedroom‘ Tertia May once again merges different worlds, seamlessly plucking from jazz, soul and R&B to create something distinct and unique. The track came together during sessions in the confines of a remote coastal hideaway, providing shelter from the tempestuous winter winds. Camped out in the house for a month, Tertia built the EP alongside rising UK producer Subculture and occasional visits from label co-director Ariel Cohen who contributed on guitar.

Monsters In Your Bedroom is another example of why Tertia May is such an exciting rising talent, dishing up an intoxicating blend of pop bravura, soulful nuance and late-night comedown wrapped in a genre-shifting package. The single is being released by London imprint Twisted Hearts Records (DORJ, Gus Harvey, Subculture).

Check out ‘Monsters In Your Bedroom’ on our brand new Spotify playlist ‘Dope Finds

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