[Listen] LSTR – ‘Ivy League’ Ft. Soulohlove & Kone

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica LSTR is back with ‘Ivy League’ taken from his third project ‘Burgundy’ which is out now to stream on all platforms.

Produced by LSTR and Kone, Ivy League features London newcomer and singer-songwriter, Soulohlove and producer/guitarist Kone, from Jamaica. A mix of styles which compliment each other effortlessly.


LSTR says on Ivy League:

“The song is a continuation of my first released song on Soundcloud called ‘late june’. In the song, it’s telling a girl I was involved with who was somewhat of a scholar that left to further her education not to forget me but do you and be happy. In Ivy League the song is continued where I open saying “Had you saved in my drafts, something sweet for my later/girl you know I keep them tabs” in this song the narrative point of view, is her hitting me up after she’s an ivy league tryna hold me down but this time, I’m doing me and I’m happy.”

Having a keen interest in music from a young age, LSTR found his calling early on and decided to focus his efforts into making music from the comfort of his own home in Jamaica.

On the title of the EP:

“The name came about because I found a blue night light, though I’m not afraid of the dark I just like falling asleep high to coloured lights. But I didn’t fuck with the blue light so I Googled and did some research and found out regardless of stereotypes around the colour red, that a red night light is the most calming light for sleep. I copped one and I fucked with it. Wrote all my verses in bed with my night light. So I named the tape ‘Burgundy’ because it fits the vibe of my night light. Chill and laid back. The cover is denim because it’s a casual fit and the text is my handwriting” which adds another layer of intimacy to the EP.”

Carefully honing his skills and creating his own lane, ‘Burgundy’ perfectly brings the listener in and leaves them eagerly waiting and anticipating what’s next…

Twitter: @yaboilstr  |  Instagram: lstr.png  |   Snapchat: lester.g   |   Soundcloud: lstr876

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