[Listen] AnFlo Takes You On An Introspective Journey With ‘Pathways’

In this music scene, you always find talented artists that you know have all the potential to become big, however, it’s clear that it’s only a matter of time with them. AnFlo is one of those gems of artists that you might not know about already, but you definitely should, and most likely you will get to know soon.

Bringing a soulful voice, smooth vibe, and warm melodies, AnFlo is definitely one to watch.

Her newest outing titled ‘Pathways’ demonstrates the qualities mentioned above in a beautiful song focusing on love, passion, feeling at home and comfortable in a place that makes you feel alive and bright in places that were once dark.  

This song is a joyful piece of art which encourages the listener to think about the journey that they have traveled in their life and appreciate how far they have come. Life has ‘pathways’ which bring you to a destination which you didn’t even know was available to you, and this is highlighted through the music.

What is notable about this particular song are the powerful lyrics written and delivered by AnFlo. The way in which the lyrics are crafted are reminiscent of the spoken word. The background vocals add additional dimensions to the song and make it bigger, grander, and even more touching.

If you’re looking for a song that will make you search deep inside yourself and take you on an introspective journey, this is it.

AnFlo is here to bring you soul. She is here to bring you emotion. Honesty. Truth. With a sound that aims to take you on an experience. She is here to stay.

You can listen to the full song here:

You can stream the song here also.



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