Life is definitely easy with Mr Eazi

If you don’t know who Mr Eazi is by now, then I suggest you crawl out from whatever rock you’ve been living under and open your ears because its damn near impossible right about now! Even if you don’t know the names of his songs or even his name, you have definitely heard his music all around London and most recently on your friends snap stories as he performed at O2 Forum in Kentish Town and in Birmingham. As an artist and a performer, Mr Eazi is one that seemed to blow real quick and is yet to lose momentum on his way up in the world of music.

Firstly, as a performer his energy is really something else. You can’t help but get caught up in it and in particular, I respect just how committed he is to connecting with his audience. From testing the audience’s knowledge of lyrics to getting the band to stop so that he can just hear the audience sing, it is one of those things you have to experience to fully appreciate. Attending his ‘Life is Eazi‘ concert was a complete and utter vibe but next time I need my boy to come out on time because the whole thing was running on BPT – but luckily all was forgiven once he started performing fan favourites like Bankulize, Hol’ Up and most recently Anointing ft Sarkodie.

When talking about his come up, I have to comment on his team because they definitely play a big part in his success. During his concert, he gave shout outs to the band and his DJ, Juls who he accredited with being the reason why he was even performing on stage. Through his team, Juls and his friendship with Eugy, he has been able to form connections and friendships with a wide range of artists in countries all over the world and then used them to produce the hits that we can’t get enough of. Not only did he have Eugy come and support and perform on his tour,  we also had performances from Maleek Berry. Big Tobz got asked to do a freestyle over Skin Tight at the last minute and Geko, one of the highlights of my night purely because he came on stage to perform sipping from a bottle of Jack Daniels he had in his pocket. Allowing other artists to share his stage on a tour that means so much to him, only further solidifies his connections with them and will most likely result in more hits in the future.

Social media is a part of our lives in some way, shape or form and I feel like Mr Eazi uses his media platforms in a way that is a definite aid to the success of his career. Snapchat especially is a platform that artists can quickly gain more popularity due to available insight into their daily lives and Mr Eazi is no exception. You can pree him making songs in the studio, filming music videos, travelling around Ghana, Nigeria etc and he regularly replies to fans – who wouldn’t appreciate a comment back from an artist that you follow? He has also had competitions on his social media to repost people dancing to his songs which in turn generates more views and more exposure.

To be honest, I enjoy Mr Eazi as an artist and I think that he is taking the right steps towards becoming a huge artist for our generation. Some may say that all his songs sound the same and if you follow him on Twitter, he won’t disagree:

Mr Eazi has a formula that works for him, a team that backs him and is helping him maintain exposure and remain relevant, he is such an easy going guy that making connections seems effortless. Plus, there isn’t a young Afrobeats lover who wouldn’t be able to tell you the lyrics to at least one of his songs and right now as an upcoming artist, that’s a great thing. Trust me, this guy isn’t going anywhere so if you’re not a fan now, you probably will be eventually.

Words by @AkuaBelle

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