[Interview] “We need the scene to understand A-MVN! The energy I bring is needed in the scene”

Hackney based artist A-MVN (pronounced A-Man) has been building a steady buzz for himself since the release of his last hit Amy’. The video, which featured guest appearances from NSG and Keeya Keys, has amassed over half a million views on YouTube and over 200,000 plays on Spotify, which is amazing numbers for an artist so early in his career.

As he gears up for the release of his follow up single ‘1Phone’, we sat with A-MVN to discuss Amy, his inspirations and more.

The song ‘Amy’ is influenced by the legendary Amy Winehouse whom A-MVN is a huge fan of. When asked why, “Amy Winehouse is a G! Everyone listened to Amy, even my mum”, he laughs. The single was produced during the first few months of the UK lockdown “This is actually my first official single”, “The lockdown was a blessing in disguise” says A-MVN.

When asked about his influences, A-MVN states that his older brother is one of his biggest influences, as he was a grime artist and at the tender age of 7, A-MVN would write bars and freestyle with his older brother.  Speaking on his close affiliation with fellow musicians NSG and Keeya Keys, he states “We actually all met in school, it started as a group of friends just making music”.

A-MVN grows vivacious as he expresses how he felt, hearing his song on the radio for the first time, “It was wild! I remember being at work the first time it happened, a friend sent me a snippet of my song being played on Capital Xtra, it was hard to take in at first, but it was a definitely a blessing!”.

I go on to ask A-MVN what artists he looks up to in which he replies, “…I look up to artists such as Burna Boy, Drake and J Hus, as I love their style of music and the way they always manage to stay relevant”.

In addition to hinting at his new song ‘1Phone’, he states “Just know, I’m a man of surprises and I’ve got a lot on the way… We need the scene to understand A-MVN! The energy I bring is needed in the scene”. A-MVN has been working with the production team ‘4Play’ (the producers behind NSG hits such as ‘OT Bop’) and in the fashion of keeping things in house and on brand, he has the talented ‘Kevin Hudson’ handling the goose-bump inducing visuals.

We quickly went from having a conversation about his new song, which has already been getting a lot of interest, to discussing what he has planned for the weekend. When asked about his interests, A-MVN replies “I make music during the weekdays and just chill on the weekends, you know, if I’m not in Shoreditch I’d be at home playing Fifa or something”.

It is always very refreshing to talk to a young artist who is very sure of himself, and to see him enjoy the process and journey of life and music. With that said we expect a very promising career for the high-spirited artist!

‘1Phone’, the brand new single by A-MVN is out now.


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