[Interview] Under The Spotlight with T Mulla

T Mulla is the 19 year old East London Rapper amongst the fresh crop of genre bending UK Rap and Afro Swing artists currently dominating the airwaves and streaming platforms.

We got to find out a little bit more about T mulla and what’s next for the ‘Dollar Pound Cake star.

Where did the name T Mulla come from? 

I had an old tag that began with a ‘T’ that everyone used to call me when I was young  (I won’t be revealing the name). I started to dislike the name and didn’t want it to be my stage name and so I took the ‘T’ and just put ‘Mulla’ next to it because I like money.

How long have you been making music? 

I started recording music when I was in year 8, so I was probably 13 or 14. I used to write raps and poems before that but I never showed anyone, until one day my school mates were freestyling on the block. I started recording music seriously when I was roughly in year 10.

How would you describe your music and who/what would you say influences your sound? 

Generally I’d describe it as ‘feel good’ music, however I also have meaningful and insightful music which is likely to be revealed through projects. But yeah, generally music to get lit and party to. I listen to such a wide a range of music which then affects how I create music and because of this I’m also able to vibe on a wide range of genres.

You have worked with a few notable artists and producers already, what has been your favourite collaboration so far?

All the collaborations I have done so far have been very meaningful to me if I’m honest, from working with Not3s to working with talented producers like N2theA, but my favourite collaboration so far isn’t out yet and I can’t reveal a name yet.

Who from the UK would you love to collaborate with next?

I’m not entirely sure who specifically, but I’d love to get in the studio with one these female artists that are doing their thing. I’m loving the way the females are shutting it down right now and I’d love to be a part of it.

What is your favourite song right now? 

It’s got to be either “One Acen – Vice Versa feat. WSTRN” or “Hardy Caprio – Rapper”, two serious bangers right there.

Congratulations on the Virgin EMI signing, how did that come about?

Thank you very much. Well, to be honest, it all happened so unexpectedly for us. I had just come back from a long period of not releasing music, then I released DPC and it just started getting a lot of label attention. Myself and my team felt a strong connection building between ourselves and the Virgin EMI members involved, and we were blessed enough to get a deal out of it.

Your latest release DPC has already hit over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. How did it feel reaching such a milestone?

It’s a crazy feeling, to think that this is my first time officially releasing a song on audio platforms like Spotify all at once. Just the number alone is just mad to look at, as each stream is a moment of someone taking the time to listen my song. That moment has happened 1 million times… I just think that is crazy.

You said in Dollar Pound Cake that you don’t spend money on (certain) girls, but if you had to choose any girl, who would you spend it on? 

It would have to be a very sweet one. I think I would definitely spend it on Jhene Aiko, or Saweetie.

What was it like touring with Hardy Caprio?

It was very sick! I’m not used to performing outside of London, at least I wasn’t at the time, so to hear people from so far away from home screaming my lyrics touched my heart. It had me going mad on stage, I loved every second of it and I’ll always have so much love and respect for Hardy for reaching out to me.

What is next for T Mulla? 

We’re literally preparing a lot of tunes to be released throughout the year. The plan is just to make noise throughout the year and show everyone what T Mulla is all about, see how far the wave can spread.

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