[Interview] Under The Spotlight with Cuppy (@CuppyMusic)

Just last month billionaire heiress, Florence Otedola – popularly known as Cuppy or DJ Cuppy, celebrated hitting 1 Million followers on her instagram. From business ventures to releasing music as an artist, a successful DJ career, managing her own record label (Red Velvet Music Group) and working on her charity (The Cuppy Foundation) amongst other things, Cuppy has had a very busy year. She still found time to answer a few questions of ours as we put her under the spotlight.

You have a very bubbly personality and always seem to be happy, loving and enjoying life. Tell me what three things are always guaranteed to make you smile?

I live life to the fullest and believe to treasure each day! I really do believe that tomorrow is never guaranteed so we must cease every opportunity. YOLO! Particular things that make me smile are: my faith, music, and food! A smile is really the most important thing we wear.

What is a normal day like for Cuppy in Nigeria and how does it differ to one in London?

Well, waking up to Lagos heat is different for starters! In Lagos my days are slightly longer (thanks to traffic), plus also I naturally have more operations in Lagos than in London. There’s Cuppy the DJ, the Artist, the Producer, the Entrepreneur, the Philanthropist, and the Citizen!

You came up as a DJ and now you are pursuing a career in music as an artist. What inspired you to make this change?

I would say that I still consider myself primarily a DJ, I’ve just added an extra layer of my creativity. Honestly, I got tired of just playing records and decided that I wanted to make that transition into making my own. I felt like it was the next step to take. I remember hearing Calvin Harris singing on his own record “Summer” and thinking- if he can do it, I can! There is nothing wrong with a DJ singing their own record. We’re the new superstars!

Are there any other passions you would like to explore in the future?

I love writing, in the past I’ve written for publications like Forbes Africa and the Huffington Post. I would love to continue this and tell more stories about my beautiful continent, Africa.

You have worked with quite a few artists. What has been your favourite collaboration so far and why?

Ooooo, that’s a hard one! That’s like asking a child to choose their favourite parent. Honestly speaking, I would have to say Mr Eazi. He’s one of the first artists to see potential in my brand. We collaborated on his EP in 2016 and it really opened my eyes to the artistry and business side of things. Loved the process of learning more about the artist’s world; followed him to the studio, shows, and shoots. Shout out to Eazi for making things easy.

Working with such established artists like Tekno and Sarkodie must have been a great experience for you. What have you learnt from working with these artists?

I’ve been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some legends in the industry and I always notice something in common- passion. Spending time with these artists always makes me fall in love with music again. Despite their commercial success they never deter their focus and love for music. This is what true artistry is all about.

Do you listen to UK music and what’s your favourite genre? UK Rap, Drill, Afroswing or UK R&B

I’ve always loved UK music. Going to university in London for 3 years, I fell in love with the music scene as a teenager. My first encounter with nightlife was during those good old FUNKY HOUSE days. That’s still my favourite genre of UK music.

Is there anyone in the UK you would like to collaborate with?

I would LOVE to work with Not3s, I’ve already told him- you lot remind him for me! 😉

Can you tell us a bit more about the Cuppy Foundation?

The Cuppy Foundation is an organisation that is created out of pure passion. I have always felt that I’ve been able to live my dreams because someone gave me a chance, with that said I also feel the need to provide chances for others. My experience with education has allowed me to become a young confident woman ready to conquer the world! I believe that knowledge is power and the Cuppy Foundation is there to provide those most vulnerable in African societies with access to education so that they too can live their dreams.

Would you ever get in to politics?

Wow, no one has ever asked me that! Come to think of it- it would LOVE to. Cuppy for President!

Amongst all the praise, you seem to get a lot of criticism also for your music and sometimes just for being you. Do you pay attention to critics and how do you deal with such negativity?

I’ve been lucky enough to be born with very thick skin. As a human being, yes sometimes I have days when it gets to me, but I’m so focused on my dreams that I don’t let anything stop me from my path. CUPPY ON A MISISON!

Interview by @ClubTolu

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