[Interview] Leks Rivers “No rest for the wicked”

After recently blogging about the newest addition to Black Butter Records,  SpotlightFirst’s Chemelle caught up with the one and only Leks Rivers for a quick interview.


How long have you been singing for and has it always been your passion? 

“I could always sing & no it wasn’t my immediate love”

If you wasn’t singing what do you reckon you’d be doing?

I wanted to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones. My hobbies all centred around being creative & creations”

How did you end up with Black Butter Records?

“They were one of the labels after me & guess they got me.

They’re really cool people and on top of that they let me do what I want, which EVERY ARTIST should be allowed to do!”

That’s great, more freedom should be allowed when it comes to record labels. So tell me, what is next on the agenda for you Leks? What performances can we expect, and is an Album on the horizon?

Since this interview, Leks released his debut EP ‘Badlands’ which we urge you to check out here! 

My first album will be out early next year. In 2017 expect a lot of shows featuring my pretty face and vibes you won’t find no where else.”

“You’re style is extremely unique, who would you say your inspirations are within the Music industry?”

“No inspirations in this industry at all Chemelle loool”

I did try to dig a little further but he cheekily answered “The world doesn’t need to know yet.”

So for now check out his debut EP and new visuals for Badlands single ‘No Rest for the Wicked’. 

Chemelle Rice

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