[Interview] KiDi is ‘The Golden Boy’ on brand new album!

Ghanaian-born artist KiDi is one of the hottest prospects to come out of West Africa in recent times. A Highlife and Afrobeats sensation, KiDi first made an impact on MTN hitmaker, a talent show that harnesses and unveils new and upcoming talent in Ghana. He arrived in the mainstream scene with his single ‘Odo’ which was remixed by Afrobeats legend Davido and swept across the continent and beyond. Signed to Lynx Entertainment/MadeInEny, he’s propelled himself into international consciousness ahead of the release of his album ‘The Golden Boy’ – out now – and KiDi just keeps going from strength to strength.

The Golden Boy is 14 track heavy boasting features from Patoranking, Joey B and more. KiDi created The Golden Boy with the intention of bringing the lively spirits back as the world slowly eases out of lockdown. The album, out today, follows singles ‘Touch it’ and ‘Spiritual’ which were released earlier this year and have already racked up millions of views and streams.

SpotlightFirst sat down with Ghanaian hitmaker KiDi as he discusses his time during lockdown, collaborating with Patoranking and the anticipation for his new album ‘The Golden Boy’.

We’ve been in a global pandemic. What was it like creating the album during this time and how did you find inspiration for it?

First of all, everybody has been going through it, there have been sad times where I didn’t feel like making music, and there were a lot of emotions that I felt during this pandemic. But then I realised, life is short, I could go today so I need to be doing something that makes us happy and enjoy lives to the fullest. I know this album was made with that mandate in mind. 

A lot of countries are coming out of lockdown, so this summer is about to be lit. 

What was the process like putting together the album?

I like to write all my songs as ballads first. I usually have the lyrics then record it to a piano, then break it down. So before you hear a fast tempo song, it usually starts of slow before I make it into what I want it to be. 

Golden Boy features different songs that display array of emotions. What were some of the emotions that you went through during the time?

Man, I felt everything! At times, I was happy, and then I was sad because of how the world was. A few songs came from a place of nostalgia, missing parties and people. So there’s a song for everyone. I’ve even referenced lyrics to Michael Jackson. There are sad songs, happy songs, something for everybody. 

Checking out your credits, we noticed that not only are you an artist, but you are also a writer and producer. Which one came about first?

Sometimes, no other human can understand your ideas the way you do. That’s why I like to record by myself, I like to be vulnerable by myself. I was actually an artist first before I became a producer. I learnt how to produce within the first and second years of being in the industry when I realised no other person can understand what you want to create. I like to record by myself, I like to be vulnerable by myself. So artist first then produce layer. 

Is this something you do for yourself or for other people?

I do it mostly for myself, but I’ve produced a couple of songs for other artists too. I like spreading the talent.

Teaser singles off the album; Touch it and Spiritual have an already combined number of three million views on YouTube alone. KiDi released visuals for these singles earlier this year. SpotlightFirst discuss the creative vision behind the videos and songs. 

The reception for your singles were well received. How do that make you feel in terms of the rest of the album?

Honestly, it gotten me excited. I’m often nervous when I put out a new body of work or single, or release anything but I’m happy with the reception so far.

Touch it looks quite futuristic. What was your intention behind that?

It’s not an area people explore aswell. It gives me the Michael and Janet Jackson vibes. I loved the colours, the silver it really reminded me of Missy Elliot. 

What was the creative vision behind Touch it?

We went for a futuristic look. We wanted to do something different and I know it’s not an area people explore aswell. Shoutout to Rex and Richie Mensah. We all had an idea for it. I actually had my own idea for the video, I wanted to do too much. I wanted it to be tastefully seductive whilst remaining modest. I wanted women to remember to do the dances that were done in the video, in the club. We wanted to find a middle ground. Rex was the director that helped shape my ideas whilst creating the idea. It’s always dope working with him.

What was working with Patoranking like? 

Patoranking is an amazing guy, once I heard the song, I just knew I had to have him feature on it. I shot him a DM on Instagram, sent him the record and he sent back his verse. And shortly after he flew down to Ghana for the shoot. He is such a humble person.

I wish every artist could have that infectious energy. It makes things easier.

Do you have any favourites in the UK and who from here would you like to collaborate with?

I have so many favourites in the UK, so many artists that I want to collaborate with. I have a couple of records with people that are not yet out such as Headie One, Darkoo and NSG. 

What message would you like to give to your fans in the UK?

Thank you for the support. I feel like the UK hold me down so much. So, this album is like a little thank you for rocking with me for so long.

The Golden Boy album is out now. https://music.empi.re/thegoldenboy

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