[Interview] Jamie Ibe (Open Your Mind) on Artist Management, UK RnB and PRS Momentum Funding

Jamie Ibe is the founder of all purpose talent management company OYM (Open Your Mind). He has found success with his roster of talented artists and influencers. A roster which includes one of our favourite and frequently mentioned UK RnB/soul act,  Kadeem Tyrell. He is also a public speaker and youth activist working in schools and colleges. Since 2018, Jamie and OYM have been collaborating with Croydon and Bromley Council to inspire, teach and advise kids on a career in music.

We sat down with the young music mogul to find out more about his journey, his thoughts on the UK RnB scene and more.

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How did you get in to artist management?

A passion stemmed from my young days of watching MTV Cribs and Channel U. When I was even younger, my sister used to play loads of RnB in the home. Everything I did from a young age I knew would lead me to some sort of position across entertainment. I started off recording music myself, shortly after that in my latter teen years was promoting club nights. I then decided I want to be the man behind the artists; managing, coaching, mentoring and making sure everything works. After a short stint recording music, I felt I would adapt better working in music from behind the scenes so I created a music management company.

Who are you currently managing?

I currently manage a talented roster of artists including RnB influenced Geovarn, Kadeem Tyrell, Pop-RnB singer Lottie Jade & a wavey rapper by the name of Richy Rambo. 


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Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

I have always researched and learned about the core fundamentals of how things worked within the music industry and how things are taken to market so being super inspired by huge worldwide known execs like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, L.A. Reid, Scooter Braun, Jimmy Iovine .

What is a typical day for you as a manager?

I think the great thing about management and what I love most is no given day is the same. I sometimes spend the whole day in the studio helping artists create because I like to be hands on and other days I’m on the go, with my phone in hand emailing and making numerous amount of phone calls. Recently I looked at my iPhone screen time and I was so shocked. Can someone be on the phone that much. Well I guess I Am.. I am currently handling the day to day running of my artists career providing resources to help make their life easier. I currently control and take charge of all appearances, bookings of shows, and handle  all my contractual engagements that are presented to my acts careers.

As a manager I like to be very hands on and I am always present at all meetings and handle negotiations in a swift manner. I am the go to for all things music and keep myself motivated by staying on top of everything and continue to hone my skills by keeping up to date with all music industry data and music education (eg. Documentaires, reading books & networking).. When opportunities are not presented to us, I am very savvy everyday and super pro-active in searching for opportunities to help towards the progression of my music career.

Kadeem Tyrell announced recently that he was awarded with the PRS Foundation ‘PPL Momentum Music Fund’

Can you tell us about what the PRS Momentum fund means for you guys?

We sat down and went through the application process to grant us the fund to allow us to work and deliver a music project. It’s Super exciting that they trusted us with the fund and they believe in what we are doing and I feel as though this help us to further produce the quality of music we have.

How was the application process?

It was very swift, we were very detailed in the way we would use the funding break down our process in order to continue to head in the right direction, We spoke on the project and exactly how we will utilise the PRS funding to move forward.

What is your take on R&B in the UK?

RnB is in an exciting place right now. There are some real quality artists coming through and I love the drive/hustle from them. I do think we need some major players getting involved and backing the genre to help deliver more artists to the forefront but I love the quality of music from a select few artists that are being produced currently. I’ve always loved the RnB artists past and present that have come out of the UK; Sade, Damage, Craig David, Lemar, Shola Ama, Angel to name a few from the past. More recently I’ve been super excited about my acts; Geovarn, Kadeem Tyrell and Lottie Jade pushing rnb forward.  I also really like some other current talented UK acts like Ling Hussle, Scribz Riley, Sinead Harnett, Ricardo Williams, Alana Marie, Rebecca Garton, Kaleem Taylor, Mnelia, Zion and Bellah.

What advice would you give new R&B artists?

It’s a super exciting time, Lead with love and make some beautiful emotive music that will allow the audience to feel again and draw closer towards you.

Never get discouraged, I feel RnB artists might get discouraged because they don’t get the initial recognition like other genres in the UK but I believe it is the best genre in the world. I will always advise the UK and Global artists to continue to make quality music, hone your craft.

Always remember to never stop.


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