[Interview] Chel on the release of brand new single “Call”

Last week, I caught up with Chel, a singer songwriter from North London; to talk about her latest release “Call”. 

Chel teamed up with established producer Trapxcan and sound engineer Levelle London to deliver a R&B and Pop Fusion style single which offers her own unique flavour to the urban UK scene.

Read our interview below to learn more about Chel and her latest single “Call” which is out now!

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: Hey Chel, first of all congratulations on the new release.

Chel: Hey! Thank you so much.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: How are you keeping yourself motivated during this Lockdown?

Chel: Well, I’m just trying to keep focused on my music, and I’m using this time to write and work on new projects.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: When did you first get into music?

Chel: Music has been a part of me for a while, I’ve been showcasing my music for 8 plus years, but in 2017, I decided to really take it seriously, because I taught myself; this is something I am passionate about. Plus, motivation from my family and friends.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: Who would you say inspires your current sound?

Chel: One of my biggest inspirations is Jojo, like…I can’t get over her vocal abilities. But in my teenage years, I would have to say, a mixture of Rihanna, Stefflon Don, Ariana Grande, Tinashe and Jojo; even till now they inspire me.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: Those are very specific selections.

Chel: Yeah, they are inspirational women. They take full control of their projects and put out music on their own terms.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: Very true. But in terms of genre, how would you describe the genre of music you create?

Chel: In general, my music is very RnB and Pop Fusion. It’s like a road trip and lifestyle type of music…one that is very relatable and also embedded into your everyday life.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: Ok, so with your new track “Call” what was your inspiration behind it?

Chel: Boomerang exes (Laughs). It’s also an apology to myself, you know, there are or will be people in your life that will do you wrong, but, instead of being bitter about it, you’ve got to learn to accept the apology you’re never going to get.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: For real! So how much of this was translated in the visuals? And how did you come up with the concept?

Chel: Quite a lot, I came up with the concepts whenever I’m writing any song…as I am writing, I already know how I want the video to look. While writing this particular song, I thought about the movie “US”, and how Lupita was fighting with herself. It was relatable to me, in terms of the gore and how dark it was. You could see that in my video. Everything I did in my video has a meaning. Even though the message is positive, it still came from a dark place.

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: Yeah, loved the visuals. Now that you’re fully back on the scene, what else can we expect from you?

Chel: Non-stop writing and recording. I’m sitting on quite a few projects right now which I can’t wait to put out. Once this Lockdown is over, I would also be doing a few appearances and shows…I’m just really excited to get out there!

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: That’s what we love to hear! Now, lastly, if you could work with any artists all over the world, who would they be?

Chel: I would love to work with Rihanna; SteffLondon would also be an absolute dream to work with, as she’s also from the UK and her work ethic pretty much speaks for itself. In addition, Jojo, of course; (Laughs), Ariana Grande, Eric Bellinger and Chris Brown (controversy aside).

Comfort [SpotlightFirst]: Definitely some heavy hitters on that list. Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us today Chel, we are rooting for you. No doubt we shall be seeing you on our screens soon!

Chel: Thank you! And thanks for having me.

Interview By Comfort

[Watch] Chel – Call [Music Video]

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